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 About me

Cooper Wakefield is a twenty four year old Data Scientist, who’s recent passion for photography has seen him with a camera in hand looking to develop his skills as a travel and portrait photographer.

This website acts as a blank canvas for his creative endeavours as a young photographer, where he is able to document his life in a photojournalistic nature and hopefully inspire others to enjoy portraying the world around them in their own unique perspective. 

Initially born in Crows Nest, Sydney, at age three his parents retired to the hills of Byron Bay where he spent the next fifteen years of his life. He has subsequently moved to Brisbane to pursue university. The fifteen year chunk of his life can be seen as the major influence behind his creative endeavours in both photography and a venture into the clothing industry having founded his own clothing company with three friends. What can be seen as the other major influence in his life, not only in his creative endeavours but on a greater scale, comes from extensive travelling. By the age of 18, he was fortunate enough to have visited upwards of 20 countries. Having the opportunity to view the world through your own eyes affords an individual a unique perspective and this can be seen reflected in his photography. 

His other interests include surfing, piano, tennis and music production.

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